Headpaintings // Kopfbilder

September 10 - October 11, 2015

Clara Brörmann

Press Release

Nicelle Beauchene Gallery is pleased to present, Headpaintings // Kopfbilder, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Berlin based artist Clara Brörmann. This will be the artist’s second solo show at the gallery.

In Headpaintings // Kopfbilder, Brörmann continues to create canvases bent on testing both surface and support through a variety of experiments - sanding, cutting, taping, layering- resulting in categorically abstract paintings that are installed in this exhibition as anthropomorphic diptychs. A larger canvas on the bottom (representing the body) and a smaller placed above it (the head) form these quasi figurative works, creating compositions that challenge the priorities traditionally placed on pictorial plane alone.

Nine sets of canvases are presented in Headpaintings // Kopfbilder, each comprised of abstract patterns —waves, bands, concentric circles, irregular networks of lines— layered atop one another with the artist’s superimposition of additive and subtractive processes. Through these installations Brörmann mines and tests the balance of a number of polarities (between abstraction/figuration, incident/intent, image/medium) via both the works content and construction, to create a cast of characters that act and interact as a family that is at once oddball and formally engineered.

Clara Brörmann graduated from Berlin’s Universität der Künste in 2011. Recent solo exhibitions of her work have been presented at Kunstverin Heppenheim, Heppenheim; Schwarz Contemporary, Berlin; Federica Schiavo Gallery, Rome and Dorothea Konwiarz Stiftung, Berlin. The artist has participated in group exhibitions at various venues including Projektraum knust x kunz, Munich; Kunstwerke, Berlin; The Wand; Berlin; Horton Gallery, Berlin. Brörmann lives and works in Berlin.